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Fuse Board Change

Many homes still retain their original fuse boards, many are incorrectly placed or don’t have the correct protection devices installed. We install new replacement consumer units with RBCO’s and surge protection devices and all our work is fully guaranteed.

Fuse boards must be kept fully functional and in line with current standards, otherwise there is a risk of related hazards. Prevention is always better and less costly than correction. It is recommended that you replace your old consumer unit fuse boards which are not working properly and get your fuse board wiring checked to ensure that it is working at its full capacity and is 100% safe.

Are you experiencing ‘nuisance tripping’? We offer a comprehensive fault finding service.

Ellies Electrician in London is here to help you with all of your fuse board needs. We can provide you with the following fuse board related services:

  • Correct placement of fuse boards

  • Securing of fuse boards

  • Fitting of new consumer unit fuse boards

  • 100% guarantee of the work done by us


We can change your consumer units and fuse boards with a minimum of fuss and effort. This upgrade will bring them up to the modern standard and is highly recommended. This will provide you with additional safety for family, children and pets.

Our electricians in London will ensure that your cables are the correct size for your appliances, as well as check that that your fuses are the correct Amp rating.

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