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Appearance is everything!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

1st Appearances are everything when it comes to working with the public, and one of the first things i was told when coming into this trade was "A tidy tradesman is a good tradesman" something i took with a pinch of salt, But how correct it was! 

9 times out of 10 someone who takes pride in what they look like, looks after their tools and vehicle is going to do a good job and take pride in your home when working in it, Let's face it we want an electrician who leaves your home the way he entered and that means hoovering up after himself, Putting dust sheets down and overshoes when entering your home. 

Unfortunately his isn't something that is normal among tradesman and many have this so called "Builder attitude" towards work and it's not the best way to be if you wish to have 100% satisfaction with your clients, Ellies Electriciansrequire our electricians to have a clean set of uniform in the van in the need to change to look presentable, Clean & tidy for the next client he/she is visiting as again 1st Appearances are key. 

Now the van is just as important as the appearance of the tradesman! When you see an electrician rooting around the back of a messy van looking for items he will look like his client searching the internet for a new electrician... Can you really trust a tradesman who has a van like the one in the picture? 

With a van in this state they clearly seems to be in a constante rush and hurry to get to the next job, so how can you trust such a person to do a job in your home at the highest level and not cut corners when their vehicle looks like that. 

Now as a customer you are not going to ask "Let me see the back of your van" but most tradesman will

A: Need to go back to the van from time to time so take a little peek and see if you can see it or

B: Park on your drive and in this case you can see from your door or window when he's at the vehicle how tidy it is. 

So paying a "Cheap Electrician" will ultimately mean he/she will be untidy, unqualified and most importantly cut many corners to earn a little bit of money, Something no customer ever wants when employing someone to do a job for them. 

so signs to look out for if you know the person in question is the right person for the job in your home.

- Are they presentable (clean, Tidy and look like a tradesman and not like they about to go to the pub after) 

  • - Are they friendly well spoken & explain what needs to be done within your home to you

  • - Every Qualified electrician holds a GOLD JIB card stating "Electrician" if he/she is "Fully" qualified he/she will be happy to show you this upon request. (be aware NICEIC is not a qualification) 

  • - Does he issue you with certificates upon completion of job? (even a like for like change require a minor works certificate) 

Now if the person in question isn't qualified they will more then likely be none of the above and lets face it they should be all at the very minimum. 

Poor worksmanship

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