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I don't need to pay an Electrician i can do it myself!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

"I don't need an electrician i can do it myself" these are the words spoken by many men around England, And most probably the world.

Truth is you probably can do it yourself, we can all do anything ourselves but are you doing it safely and correctly? 9/10 are not and this is a problem, as electricity isn't something you should "DO YOURSELF".

If a fire was caused within your property because of DIY Electrics is it really worth it? Answer is no, of course not! As the price of your home is way more valuable then paying £100s to have a professional to do the job efficiently and correctly, not to mention you have no stress and can leave the work to the correct people, hiring a Qualified electrician is as vitally important as being seen by a qualified doctor and not a friend who says "I seen this on TV you should do this". 

Ever heard of the saying "Pay Cheap Pay Twice" well it's true! You wouldn't believe how many jobs we have been called out to where a client's "Friend" or DIY man had bodged some electrics on a cheap! And we are left to come and make it all good and safe. Not that we are complaining as this just leaves us with another Happy customer and gives us recommendations for others but it's really not the best idea to hire these so called "DIY" people because they claim to be cheaper and seem good at convincing you a qualified electrician isn't worth calling to do a job they believe they can do. 

On so many occasions we have people or companies who are doing lets say....... a kitchen refit for example who convince the client that they will do their Electrics as well, Now we having nothing against kitchen fitters at all but we have our job and they have their job but we have seen some really bodged electrics and unsafe terminations by unqualified people. We always say hire people who are an expert in their field and you will get the correct result & will not have to pay twice for a job that should of been done once. Electricians go through years of training and pay £1000s to stay regulated and upto date so an electrician is always a handy person to keep in your phone book and 9/10 are very friendly (Well ours are 10/10 of course) 


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