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What should i be paying for an electrician?

Its a common misconception that hiring and electrician in london will be very expensive & so many homeowners put it off or call a so called "Cheap" handyman to do the job.

Now living in london is expensive enough without you having to worry about to cost of electrical maintenance within your home or having an electrician round to fix a problem, with alot of homes not having much disposable income after bills, Mortgages and everyday essentials we can understand the worry when an electrical issue arises. 

But the truth is that it "Doesn't and "Shouldn't" cost £100s+ in Labour to sort a problem that takes less then an hour to do like replace a bathroom extractor fan or replace a sock for example, At Ellies Electricians we believe in a very fair and upfront pricing structure meaning that any customer knows exactly what they will be charged for the time being spent doing the job with no hidden charges.

Now the average price for an electrician in london to come out to your property is £95 Per Hour (we charge £55 Inc VAT Per hour Just under 73% Cheaper) and with many not even disclosing their prices before you call! (something i personally do not like) And this is just the standard 8am-5pm rate and most probably have parking charges and congestion added onto this, Now we aren't slatting other companies or saying they are over charging all we are doing is allowing you as the customer to have some figues so you relax and not think electricians charge £200-£400 just to come out to a job (small job that is).

So next time you require an electrician just remember we aren't here to rip you off or take all your hard earned money we are here to provide a service and do it at a reasonable price leaving you happy in the process with aftercare also important, Also don't be afraid to shop around because a good electrician will stay with you for years. 

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