As your home slowly ages, it will eventually require some repair work. And this may include having to rewire your whole house.

But how do you know if your house needs rewiring? First and foremost, you can get in contact with a professional electrician who will be able to provide you with a full home inspection.

Alternatively, there are several warning signs that you should look out for and pay attention to. If you happen to notice one or even a combination of the following, then your home may need rewiring:

  1. Persistent Burning Smell

  2. Discoloured Outlets and Switches

  3. Flickering Lights

  4. Blown Fuses and Tripping Circuit Breaker  

  5. Outlet Problems

  6. You Have Aluminium Wiring

  7. You Have Experience Electrical Shocks

Estimated prices for full rewires based on previous projects

Please note the above are estimates based on recent projects, prices will vary for every project based on the spec of each individual requirement, to get your quote get in contact with our friendly team today.

*Rates are subject to VAT

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