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Sockets & Switches Installation

Although a relatively simple task, poorly installed wall sockets can be the bugbear of homeowners. Our electricians in London can be on hand to repair your plug sockets and test them, allowing you to safely use your appliances across your home.

Sockets & Light Switches

Would you like to install some lighting in the back garden? Do you want to install an extra socket or light switch in one of your rooms? Are you interested in a partial or complete rewire with additional sockets and switches in your house or business? Ellie's Electricians in London can offer you socket and switches wiring services at a great price.

  • We can install new plug points, switches, aerial points or phone points

  • Wiring on any scale (be it one socket or 50!)

  • Removal of redundant or unsightly items

  • Using surface mounting to put inconspicuous plastic trunking in place where necessary

  • We also offer a wide range of fashion covers including:

  • White plastic

  • Chrome

  • Round edged

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Stainless steel

  • Brushed metal

Our switches and sockets installation services can provide you with the quality you deserve. We can provide you with a first class switch and socket installation and complete wiring in your whole house. Ellie's Electricians in London is City & Guilds qualified, which means that we follow the national standards of safe wiring and equipment installation.

Many people are afraid that their wiring might not be safe for their children or the wiring might cause fires. By hiring us, you can be 100% sure that the switches & sockets wiring we have done is 100% safe from any perspective and everything is completely protected from electrical shock.

Contact Ellie's Electricians for switches and socket rewiring services in London.

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